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The Codigo software system was commissioned by a veteran of the warehouse and transportation industry. Founder David Hufschmid [read bio] is the owner of one of the largest third-party logistics (3PL) providers in the Pacific Northwest. Years ago, Hufschmid faced a set of persistent problems in both warehouse and transportation management.

When his growing company could not find a single suitable supply chain management software solution on the market, Hufschmid commissioned one. His extensive experience in the industry resulted in a custom-made, comprehensive electronic data interface-enabled (EDI) software system that combines warehouse management and transportation management in one package. Codigo software is cloud-based and utilizes proprietary apps which interface with barcode scanners and other devices. Best of all, Codigo software is affordable and easy to use for warehouse staff and freight distributors.

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Our Executive Team

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David Hufschmid


Many things are born out of necessity, some are born of wisdom and experience, and others are born out of sheer willpower. All three of these inspired David Hufschmid to pursue and develop the software that would become Codigo.

To say his business acumen is acute would be an understatement; David knows shipping from the inside out. He has driven them, rented them, loaded them and warehoused materials for 27 years.

David is an avid skydiver, having made over 1000 jumps; he spends his off time with family and is one of the largest contributors to the Oregon Humane Society.

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Sam Titus


Sam plays a leading role in driving key strategic technologies at Codigo. He has over a decade of experience working for large corporations and technology startups in Oregon, Washington, and California, and has developed several software applications with users in 30 different countries.

He holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked in engineering for several years before entering information technology. He likes music, traveling, and food, but not in that order.

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Gordon Collett


After graduating from Oregon State University with a bachelor of science, Gordon decided to pursue a master in computer science and a minor in communications, setting him up for his life’s work of project managing in the world of technology.

An early adopter of programming and design software, he is uniquely qualified to manage Codigo operational abilities. With his hands-on approach to design and implementation, Gordon sees his experience and approach perfectly suited to dovetail into Codigo and the world of logistics.