What Makes Codigo Unique?

Codigo is a warehouse management software designed by the warehouse industry, for the warehouse industry. We know software isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Software and warehouses can be like oil and water. They just don’t easily mix. That’s why we developed our own.

Codigo’s proprietary warehouse management system (WMS) has stood up to the pressure of daily use by multiple companies, including a large, multiple-warehouse, customer satisfaction-oriented 3PL business. The results are so stunning we’re convinced you’ll love it if you try it.
So how good can it get? Find out

Seamless Integration

Trips, Warehousing and Deliveries

EDI Compatibility

Process orders and invoices via EDI

Barcoding & Scanning

Create and print barcodes for every shipment, scan via our mobile app or barcode scanner

About Us

When one of the largest third-party logistics (3PL) providers in the Pacific Northwest could not find a single software solution on the market, the owner commissioned one. David Hufschmid’s [read bio] extensive experience in the industry resulted in a custom-made, comprehensive electronic data interface-enabled (EDI) software system that’s easy to use and actually works for warehouses and freight distributors.

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Our Services

Codigo offers three key features - Incoming and Delivery Trips, Warehouse Operations, and Routing and Dispatching.

Incoming and Delivery Trips

Codigo handles all incoming trips to the warehouse. Trips can be set up either manually or programatically via EDI, XML or any other data driven APIs

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Warehouse Operations

Codigo receives incoming trips, stores them in the warehouse, manages your customer's inventory, sends status notifications and integrates with your billing system

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Routing and Dispatching

Codigo manages your final mile deliveries. It helps you with route creation, dispatching, automated alerts, tracking and collecting proof of delivery signatures

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